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B3 Products

  • B3 Regenerative Line
    • Mature and Devitalized Skin
  • B3 Protective Line
    • Sensitive and Dehydrated Skin
  • B3 Sebum Control Line
    • Combination, Oily, and Problem Skin
  • Dried Cell Therapy
  • C3D Series C3D
    • Cellular 3D Care

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GERnetic Products

  • GERnetic Face Line
    • GERnetic Make-Up Removal and Cleansing
    • GERnetic Peeling
    • GERnetic Rich and Complete Cares
    • GERnetic Dry Skins
    • GERnetic Blotchy and Sensitive Skins
    • GERnetic Greasy Skins
    • GERnetic Blemishes
    • GERnetic Around the Eyes and Fragile Areas
    • GERnetic Anti-Ageing Products
    • GERnetic A Clear and Bright Complexion
    • GERnetic Les Parfaits
  • GERnetic Body Line
    • GERnetic Bust Care
    • GERnetic Body Care
  • GERnetic Marine Line
    • GERnetic Face Care
    • GERnetic Body Care
  • GERnetic Sun Line
  • GERnetic Men Line

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Menard Products

  • Embellir
    • The combination power of Red and Black Reishi revives and rejuvenates skin cells, while also reverses your signs of ageing.
  • Lisciare
    • “Water Density” -the source of a beautiful skin. LISCIARE creates a moist, elastic skin by increasing the water density of the skin.
    • A fulfilled skin is sure to make your heart leap.
    • In pursuit of genuine beauty that glows from within.
  • Fairlucent
    • Providing the way to obtain translucent white skin.
    • A whitening skincare range that gives a way to have a skin glowing with translucency through everyday basic care.

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Mi Plus

B/T (Biotechnology raw materials)

skin resilience, moisturizing, and colour recovery through cell regeneration.

Natural Cosmetics

Non-antiseptics, non-alcoholic, non-odor cosmetics safe for skin.

N/T (Liposomes Utilized)

Phospholipids, similar constituent of cell membranes, produces liposomes which deliver nutritious elements to skin cells effectively and keep physiological effect in maximum state.

Oriental Herbal Ingredients Strengthen Skin’s Immune System

Skin Energy Cosmetics

Pollen, royal jelly, etc.

Vitamins Cosmetics



  • Mi Plus Essence

Formulated with placenta extract and unsaturated fatty acids, which are highly effective to moistening and strengthening the skin’s immune system, reducing uneven skin tone, appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and leaving your complexion calm and clean. It improves skin elasticity and clarifies skin colour. Pollen extracts and vitamins are highly effective for skin renewal.

  • Mi Plus Nutritive Cream

The best high-concentrated nutritive cream that strengthens the regenerative ability of skin-aging factors, developed and manufactured by Miplus’ own high-technology. It makes the skin become more elastic and resilient, modifies wrinkles, and corrects the lines in one’s face. When applied, it is absorbed deep into the skin, improving the elasticity of the skin, and gives the face luster and softness.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]